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S. Canaday
RE: Increasing of the amount of people quiting veganism: (formerly the vegan runner on YouTube has quit veganism)
If you ever read my horribly written self published book "Running For The Hansons" you'd know I experimented with eating steak/bison burgers for awhile. I mainly did it to see if it would boost my ferritin levels (it did not). My ferritin has been amazing on a vegan diet nowadays though...running more on trails has also seemed to help. But honestly I don't like the "n=1" stories. A n=1 experiment is a horrible experiment. I don't believe we are really all that different genetically...we've evolved from the same common ancestors.

Besides maybe getting some extra B12 I don't see any benefit from eating eggs. USDA legally can't say eggs are "healthy" so in ads they simply have to call them "edible and incredible." And I can easily get B12 in other ways. I also don't think eating cheese again is going to be some sort of "magic bullet." Most Americans should probably get their vitamin D checked though as eating dairy and "fortified" milk isn't going to be helping that much.

Protein has never been a concern. I mean have you ever heard of someone (especially in the US) that had a health problem because they were "low on protein"? Usually that only happens if someone is anorexic. If you are eating enough calories and eating a somehwat balanced diet you are very very likely getting enough protein. All essential amino acids can be found in plant sources...and can be pooled over time. We could say heme-iron is a more "bioavailable" form of iron compared to non-heme...but the former is also more likely to cause cancer.

Zach has run some amazing ultra performances given his marathon PR is still over 2:30 I believe. We haven't raced head to head ever I don't think, but we have run the same courses (Lake Sonoma 50, Western States, etc.) and I have run faster times then him on all those (granted weather conditions and course conditions change from year to year). I am still wanting to go after that 100-mile track record so that will be a goal heading into the future....don't think I forgot about that one! No doubt an 11:40 will be tough to beat. As a runner and coach I always say your specific training influences your running performances first....then maybe things like diet/sleep/mental approach etc. I ran with enough DI guys in college that ate like total crap that would run circles around me.

Finally I'm not sure what i'm supposed to be seeing in that link you posted besides some very general info about protein? I did notice it said this written at the end though:

"....the potential health concerns associated with a diet of protein consumed primarily from animal sources should be acknowledged. With a proper combination of sources, vegetable proteins may provide similar benefits as protein from animal sources."

Sand Dunes wrote:

While yes you can get protien on a vegan diet. One, it is hard to get enough of it. Two, it is not as bioavailable.!po=1.27119

Out curiosity sage you've never wanted to eat a steak just to see what would happen? Why not just eat some steak, eggs and cheese? Got nothing to lose to. Try to eat some meat for a month. And, would love to hear your feedback. Trying to break the American record in the hundred miles, guess what Zach Bitter eats? I highly recommend his podcast he did on the Joe Rogan podcast. In retrospect, listening to this podcast was the beginning of the end for me, as far as being vegan.

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