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RE: Asbel Kiprop on Living Under Doping Cloud

m!ndweak wrote:

whats off is how naive and annoying you are trying to defend him....your as bad as coevett and rekrunner on how bad you push your agenda on this site...dude he used EPO get over it

O.K., I'll bite this time, given that you clearly are a racist demented rat who wants to pick a fight with me, somebody who has stood up for you many times.

You're a racist anti-British knob who really is the classic LetsRun 'everybody who ever ran faster than me doped' deluded moron.

What is with Americans and their attitude to the British? You're so utterly cowed by the PC movement (which you gave to the world) that you dare even mention race, and so to let off steam (and as a further form of self-hate) there is one nationality you're allowed to openly denigrate and stereotype - the British.

I'm a racist, not because I disagree with the East African genetic supremacy myth and can see (like you) it's the result of doping, but because I don't assume the great British runners such as Coe doped???

Maybe it's not because I'm a racist, but I because I look at the evidence and accuse people of doping who come from a culture of doping, corruption, and repeated busts (despite the lack of testing). Unlike you, I don't make up nonsense (like Roger Bannister being on EPO) to fit my agenda.

What the hell does it matter to you if Kiprop doped if everybody (faster than you) doped/dopes? You do the anti-doping fight a great disservice with your ridiculous EVERYBODY dopes agenda.

I don't know if you ever took peds to achieve your times, but tbh, you come across as though you've taken more than your fair share of drugs in your lifetime.

You're the biggest racist here, and with the likes of El K and the African supremacists here, that's quite a dishonour.

And if you really did threaten to shoot Canova, you need to be watched.

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