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RE: Katelyn Tuohy takes on Sunken Meadow

Deadstream wrote:

Liverpool and FM are going to NXN.
Liverpool because they're the best team in NY right now.
And FM, because they're FM, and they don't not go to NXN.
That puts the battle at 3rd place, and an 'at large' bid, which you could make an argument for North Rockland being in the mix for...but I have a pretty hard time seeing them taking 3rd over a healthy Saratoga, despite the real good progress they've made over the course of the season.
And even if they did, it's still probably pretty unlikely that there aren't four 3rd or 4th place teams from other regions who are more worthy of 'at large' bids than they are.

So the question becomes...
Do you put this team in that scenario, where it's 'iffy' at best that they'll qualify for NXN, and wait until next year to have Miss Tuohy go answer all of those Footlocker questions?
Or do you go handle the Footlocker thing now, and wait until next year to go after the NXN bid, when this whole team returns a year older and stronger, and could potentially be a podium contender in Portland?

I just don't see North Rockland going to NXN this year, and it seems pretty silly to take this shot now and not have Tuohy do Footlocker, if that's still their plan, when you should theoretically have a better team to go at NXN with next year.

If North Rockland takes the NXN-NY shot this year, you'll probably never see Katelyn Tuohy run Footlocker.

I say that Tuohy doesn't "need" to go answer the FL thing. She does not "need" the super hype that will surround that.

What if she does super well. What if she does average. What if she does not do well. All three are not necessarily good. She needs this even less in her Soph year.

I can certainly see Pezzementi with a 120 to 125 speed rating in the next month (now 111). I can also see Fagelman (or the other freshman) at a speed rating of at least 115 (now 108). That would be a very strong #5 (almost as strong as Liverpool's #5). It could be enough to push them ahead of FM and Saratoga. They have 3 weeks to figure this out.

Right now NR is better than the #1 team in the northeast (Champlain). It would be a shame if they did not at least participate at NXR.

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