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RE: How can you impress strangers with your running skills

Banana Bread wrote:

I was on a busy metro line yesterday. It was full and many people were standing. I was sitting beside a few guys standing wearing fancy suits and briefcases. One of them was talking about his couch to 5k he started. Another guy said he did a 10k back in May. He did it around 55 minutes. I looked up at them and chuckled. There were also plenty of girls in the carriage so I took the opportunity to make myself look like an alpha and impress the girls. I interrupted the conversation and said that I did a recovery run today which was 15k and under 70 minutes. I told them that 5k is to short for me. I'm not evan warmed up after 5k and I would find it hard to restrict myself to a run that short. The guys turned nasty. They were sarcastic and saying good for me. It is none of my business and nobody cares. They insulted my weight saying I don't look like a runner and asked me where are my olympic medals if I am that great. I was surprised that they acted that way. I just sat there and acted relaxed like nothing happened. I told them that I am probably the fastest person on this train. I didn't want them to start attacking me so I told them about my long runs, tempos, intervals etc. I told them that I run pretty much everyday. The girls nearby were laughing at this point. The guys faced away from me and started talking about there stupid work. I think I won this battle. I opened my backpack and pretended to clean my new racing flats so everyone could see that I'm a serious runner. I let out some chuckles. After 5 minutes I got off the train at the next stop and turned around and shouted good luck with your couch to 5k you lard ass hobby joggers. I sprinted away. I didn't look back until I was out of the station. I don't think they followed me. Should I have done something different here and what would be the best way of getting the girls in this scenario? Is the best tactic to make yourself look better than any other guys and get them jealous.

How much do you weigh?

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