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Unobjective Tier List
RE: 2018 D3 Atlantic Region XC
1) I'm post collegiate (not to brag, got a degree unlike you all--especially dumb NYU kids wasting $1milion a year, nerds) and have no stake in which school does well (thank god they made gambling legal though in New Jersey, just bet the HOUSE on RIT winning regionals, which they will, because they have the Swedish Hammer). My son (yeah that's right, I'm posting on a D3 Cross-Country messaging board as a parent) goes to Rutgers-Camden but they suck (in more ways than one;) so I don't have a dog in the race worth arguing over. He's not even on the team (even more creepy I'm on this thread).
2) NYU is going to fall off (this team isn't in my head).
3) I said "underclassmen" not "freshman" (or freshwoman...sup ladies, that's why I'm really on this thread). I know from personal experience (four years running 29 minute 8ks at Rutgers-Newark) that heavier summer training my senior year gassed me for the early September stuff (RIP Ron Stonitsh, gone but not forgotten), but was beneficial later on (I was able to lead the first 200 meters of pre-regionals, or as my coach called it, the most important day of my life).
4) NYU is going to fall off (this team is definitely not in my head. Nope. Not thinking about this team at all).
5) Finish position at regionals (my team finished 21st my senior year, again not to brag) doesn't matter because the AR is too inconsistent to stay afloat (I built a boat this year so I'll stay afloat when I go to nationals. Message me if you want in) at nationals (something I never remotely had a chance to go to despite my incredibly high JPD count my senior year).
6) NYU is going to fall off (Like I said..they are not in my head..if they sneak into nationals again I'll be fine..won't completely lose it and go off the reservation..they will fall off..I will be fine [ups JPD count to 20 a day to relieve stress]).

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