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tired of this
RE: Jack Daniels 2Q is insane

outlook wrote:

tired of this wrote:

My legs are tired :( wrote:

I'm 6 weeks out from the marathon I'm training for and I'm following Jack Daniels 2Q plan peaking at 70 miles per week. This week is insane.

First off, I've been dropping a few 70 mile weeks with intense workouts, and this week is my 4th and final 70 mile week. I'm already beat up getting to this week.

Yesterday I ran 17 miles with 12 at marathon pace (6:51 miles). I did pretty good, hit my times, but I am completely wiped today. Jogged out 8 miles at 9:02 pace.

The workout for Wednesday is 17 miles with 4x2T with 2 min jogs then 2x1T with 1min jogs.

WTF JACK!? That's 10 miles at threshold pace (6:20). My legs are dying, they feel brittle from all these work outs.

Am I crazy? His workouts have seen pretty tough through the whole plan, but this week is just stupid. Looks like it eases off after this, but i'm seriously worried about injuring myself.

Anyone follow this plan? Is this normal?

I think Daniels plans are garbage. everyone gets more tired than fit with the plans and under-performs. Just keep it simple.

You shouldn't feel trashed that much during marathon training if you aren't able to take a 2 hour nap every day like the Kenyans - i think that everyone perpetuates this idea that you should never feel good but that should only happen for a few weeks.

the only way Daniels is good is if you have been running 80 miles per week for a few months and you drop down your mileage to handle his plan.

it's way too confusing and complicated

What plan would you suggest is the best then? It's not productive to say JD plan is not good, but not offer a counter plan.

I think you have to know yourself and experiment and not just follow one plan. I know that's a vague suggestion for what's best and I wish I could give more, but I follow some Pfitz, some Canova, some personal experience and don't really think successful running comes from a recipe or script. Even the 2:20 guy who just posted has to adapt the Daniels paces significantly...

I've NEVER heard of anyone following Daniels and not adjusting many of the paces the calculator/plan recommends. To me, that's a bad plan if the tool used to help you follow the plan won't help you improve.

Smoove - you have a hybrid training too I believe. I know you said it was "simple" but do you actually follow a plan?

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