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RE: Rupp -- 46:23 in Tilburg Ten Mile -- 3rd Place

Rarity or piss cups wrote:

MICHigan wrote:

oboeviolin wrote:

Another view2 wrote:

If you set a world record, you've run faster than anyone ever has, EVER, over that distance.

If you win the Olympics, you won on THAT day, it doesn't make you the best at that distance, just on THAT one day.

But...opinions will vary, just like chocolate:)

Oh stop it.
Records are made to be broken.
Olympic golds are a sign of your talent, and your competitive ability.

Its a no brainer.

No, it's just one day every 4 years.
Records are rarely broken compared to the Olympics being held every 4 years.

5000 world record has been broken once in the last 20 years, and that was 14 years ago.

10,000 world record has been broken twice in the last 20 years, and the last time was over 13 years ago.

1 mile world record has been broken once in the last 25 years, and the last time was 19 years ago.

3000 meter steeple chase has been broken twice in the last 21 years, with the last time being 14 years ago, today!!!!!

Yeah, it's a no brainer alright and yes, stop it as you're desperate attempt to sound smart has fallen short again.

Yeah, but drug testing...

Yeah, but that means the records could have lasted even longer if you're implying that drugs are why they were broken at all.

Holding the fastest time in the entire world at any event is huge. Winning the Olympics is ONCE every 4 years. Anything can happen on any given day and a gold medal is great, but it doesn't necessarily make you the BEST at that event. Runners can have pop after pop at going after records and if they're on one day and the stars align, they might get it. Making the trials is hard enough as that one day might be your off day.

Young-Cho won in Barcelona. Was he the best that year? Nope, but he won on that day. How many runners actually remember that he won in Barcelona? Exactly. A gold medal is great and you'll have it forever, but it's one day every 4 years.

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