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el segundo
RE: Thoughts on Josh Hoey turning pro?

rojo wrote:

My thoughts?

This is disgusting and what's wrong with modern society. Honestly, that's what I'm thinking now. Admittedly that's an uninformed view.

When I first saw it, I was like, "Is this a joke?"

A 1:47 guy goes pro. Why? Why wouldn't you want to go to college - it's the best 4 years of your life? Why would adidas want to sponsor a 1:47 guy?

I've never believed that the NCAA is bad for athletes whether it's football, basketball or track. College gives you reasonable goals. Now this guy can get his head beat in until he runs 1:44 and is relevant.

The only thing that makes me think this isn't the dumbest thing ever is he's got Terrence Mahon as a coach and Wetmore as an agent. I respect both of those guys. But the idea that the shoe companies need to pay people to go pro early pisses me off. I love college track. Let them be good there, develop a brand and then go pro.

And I also think 800 guys can be some of the hardest to develop. Now he's decent at xc right (just looked it up 7th fastest at PA state xc meet) so he's probably not a pure speed guy which is good. Actually, I just did some more research and he ran a 4:11 mile as a sophomore. Won Millrose mile this year. Ok, I'm feeling better than I initially was. If a pure 800 1:47 guy went pro, I'd be going crazy. I still don't like it. I just dont' think the point of modern society should be to maximize earnings and don't think we should be having guys go pro for a WNBA salary.

Addition added on on 8.30.

I've been thinking about this some more over night while I was sleeping. The main thing I should have also said is it's his life and he can make whatever decision he should make. When I read about how he's also good at the mile and coached by Mahon, I felt a lot better about it but I put the "disgusting" line in beause that's what I thought when I first heard it.

The one other thing I'd also like to say is I don't think college makes sense for everyone from an academic standpoint. I've never understood why in the US everyone is expected to go to college - we still need electricians, plumbers, etc. If he's not academic, then going pro early makes much more sense. I still think the competitive opportunities in college are great and think that college is training wheels for learning to be an adult and live on your own but understand it more if that's the case.

Didn't see anyone ask for your thoughts

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