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Now That's Telling It Like It Is
RE: Kenyan 800m World medallist Kipyegon Bett Suspended After Refusing Drugs Test

m!ndweak wrote:

dont know if this one has ever been posted...found it INTERESTING....but nothing to see here cause we all know PEDs are just fairy tale myths, they dont work

"The mean Hct of the six subjects before rhEpo treatment was 45.7 ± 0.5%, increasing to 48.3 ± 0.8% within 1 week with the 35000 IU dose of rhEpo. After the 8 week intervention period, the mean Hct for the whole group was increased significantly to 51 ± 1% (Figure ​(Figure1).1). Three of the six subjects received full treatment dosage with a total of 70.000 IU rhEpo over 8 weeks, while two subjects were administered 67.500 and 62.500 IU, respectively. The remaining subject exhibited a strong response to the rhEpo injections, and received a total of 50.000 IU. Epo treatment increased VO2 max by 8.3 ± 2% from 54 ± 3 to 58 ± 3 ml·kg−1·min−1 (Table ​(Table1).1)."

strong respnder? hmmm he must just be the most gullible or mindweak of the bunch im sure of it, prob a racist as well

"The main finding in this study is that rhEpo treatment in humans increased skeletal muscle mitochondrial respiratory capacity."

so EPO is such a strong placebo it even tricks the mitochondria into making gains!!!

mmeehhh flax seed oil will do the same thing and for only $32 an injection.....oh shoot thats $32 for tea
That study should silence Jon O once and for all.

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