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RE: Kenyan 800m World medallist Kipyegon Bett Suspended After Refusing Drugs Test

El Keniano wrote:

vivalarepublica wrote:

I am convinced that you are just trolling now.

El Keniano wrote:

THERE WILL BE NO NOTABLE BUSTS OF AMERICAN, BRITISH, CANADIAN, AUSTRALIAN OR NEW ZEALAND ATHLETES. Especially if they're the 'right kind'. Save this post. If I'm wrong, I'll out myself here on this site .

The team is headed by an Aussie and almost entirely made up of people from Anglo-Saxon countries. To me, they might as well have filled the board with Coevett, Trollism, Deanouk, Mindweak, Subway and the like. The guy said in Hajo Seppelt interview that they have a team of 5 testers? Wonder how spread out across they world they are? Any bets if they'll be doing a round of tests in Australia? They will not be going after any Yanks, Brits, Aussies, Kiwis or Canucks. To me, it looks like they have a mandate to restore the 'glory days' and decimate those that usurped "their sport". Being human beings, of course they're prejudiced. How would you lot react if Russians were judge and jury over your fates? This is such a joke I can't believe they didn't attempt to inject some semblance of diversity into the board.

Head of the AIU: Brett Clothier - Australia

The Board

Chair: David Howman - New Zealand

Member: Marc Peltier - France

Member: Dr Andrew Pipe - Canada

Member: Abby Hoffman - Canada

What a coincidence.

Here's the interview with Hajo Seppelt. Says all the right things but those with good sense can tell where his sympathies lie.,ecsvideo148.html

This is their Twitter account. The more tenacious amongst you might want check out their tweets, timeline, likes and retweets as well as who they're following. Not inappropriate to openly fanboy over certain kinds of athletes fortuitously similar to a majority of Letsrun posters. Hey, they're even fans of Jakob Ingebrigtsen. No conflict of interest there.

And who's the first person they followed once they launched their Twitter account last year? Drum roll 🥁 ... wait for it ... the one only Ms Paula Radcliffe. Yay!

If I was a Kenyan athlete, I'd certainly entrust my entire career and reputation into these guys' very neutral, unbiased hands.

Oh, I wish I was. How would this board react if the AIU was entirely composed of Africans, or better still, Russian speakers? Yep. That's exactly how I/we see it. Look, the view that the success of East Africans, and particularly Kenyans, has been bad for the sport is very widespread not just on this board, but among a majority of western athletes and your most respected journalists, many who don't even pretend anymore on Twitter. Again, I'm convinced the AIU, in it's current form, shares these biases and is probably concentrating all its resources on Kenya. I'd welcome proof to the contrary but there won't be any because I'm right.

I like a lot of your posts because they display a healthy sense of humor and different perspective. But I'll be honest, you take a paranoid stance towards the white managers, agents, administrators, etc. in athletics that doesn't make you any better than the other yahoos that post about this subject. A difficulty in disproving something is not the same as an ability to prove something. To believe in this conspiracy is about on equal level as those that simply believe all Kenyan performances should be tossed aside on suspicion of doping. Please try to keep it real.

Anyways, most of the people that continually post in these threads appear to be nuts. And a wise man once told me that you don't interact with crazy. So enjoy circle jerking with each other.

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