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El Keniano
RE: Kenyan 800m World medallist Kipyegon Bett Suspended After Refusing Drugs Test

Coevett wrote:

El Keniano wrote:

Widespread busts in just one country vs absolutely none in the parts of the world where the people running the organisation, making 100% of those responsible for the policies and targeting, proves the entire system is nothing but a sham.

HA! “Integrity”. What a joke. Anyone that doesn’t admit there’s a credibility issue here is being willfuy blind. I wouldn’t trust the AIU as far as I could throw them.

This is the logical conclusion that everybody here should accept if you allow SJW loons like vivalarepublica and black genocidal nutjobs like this fellow to scream racist at anyone like me focusing on Kenya as a doping epicenter.

If what I was saying for over a year was racist, then the current exposure of so many Kenyan drug cheats is likely a white conspiracy, led by arch colonialist Sebastian Coe.

A lot of you guys, including the Brojos, have created the monster that is El K and his followers.

Of course, the truth is that El K is a black power extremist, although rather an exclusive Kenyan racist as he makes his hatred of West Africans and even Ethiopians here well known.

El K - why can't you accept that (finally, and thanks to Seb Coe), that ever more rigorous standards are being rapidly forced on Kenya (still not nearly up to Western standards)? How can anyone say this is all a white conspiracy against Kenya when Kiprop himself posted screenshots of his Kenyan testers giving him notification and asking for money etc? Even if Kiprop was innocent, the fact that his testers would sabotage his specimens because he didn't pay them enough tea money shows how corrupt the system is there, does it not?

What message are you giving to young Kenyan athletes? It's o.k. to dope, because everybody does, but make sure you have tea money because evil whitey will let their own off but not you!

I really want to know how, in your eyes, I went from an obese, pasty ginger living above a curry shop in Chelmsford, to black panther militant.

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