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casual obsever
RE: Kenyan 800m World medallist Kipyegon Bett Suspended After Refusing Drugs Test

Deanouk wrote:

BUT 2 wrongs (or rather suspected wrongs) don't make a right! You cannot condone or somehow dismiss a violation by a Kenyan athlete by suggesting that others do it too but manage to get away with it.

100% my opinion. I did no such thing. You are preaching to the choir.

Deanouk wrote:
The idea that the IIU is just after Kenyans and won't be as stringent when testing Europeans is ludicrous and backed up by no evidence whatsoever.

Note that I talked about our NADOs, not the IAAF (which wouldn't be responsible for the cyclists).

Deanouk wrote:
I would suggest the likely possibility, and there is plenty of evidence of his former corruption, that under Diack's tenure, not only were athletes who were caught (they all seem to have been European, no!?) bribed to cover up positive results, but he would almost certainly have turned a blind eye (through lax testing, suppressing findings) to doping cases in Africa.

Yes - we know mostly about Russians because of the Russian whistle blower, but it's hard to believe that Diack would only have blackmailed/protected Russian offenders.

The problem with the current IAAF is that most of its leaders are still there, and according to WADA, the IAAF council was aware of it. One should have rebuilt that literally from scratch.
As for Coe... you could watch Coe's attitude during his attack on Seppelt and Ashenden, for example. Or by his anti-transparency stance, and him publicly declaring Paula innocent before the investigation by his employees into her began. Or by him lobbying for Nike to his spiritual leader, and then lying about it.

Finally, noting that we had most likely more than 44% IAAF drug cheats earlier in this decade, as evidenced by the Tuebingen/Harvard study, these Kenyan cheats are obviously only the tip of the iceberg.

As for the scale by country, around 44% worldwide can't be explained by Kenyans, or East Africans, alone. The fancy bear list (which is also only the tip of the iceberg with its small number of likely dopers) may serve as an indicator of how common the extreme blood doping is from country to country. Yes, extreme, not micro-dosing, because those athletes even crashed through the generous ABP thresholds.
Focusing on the countries discussed here:
Kenya 9
Ethiopia 5
USA 4 (Rupp, Jager, ...)
UK 1 (Farah)
Norway 1 (H. Ingebritsen)

So yes, Kenya is the worst offender there, by far obviously, but we seem to be almost on an eye level with Ethiopia. The shame of it.

P.S. Armstrong was ignored by USADA during his whole active career despite his positive tests and numerous witnesses. Froome wasn't cleared, and Wiggins' paperwork "disappeared".

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