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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin", or &quot
I'm the guy who posted about the Bulgarian Split Squat.

I technically had four surgeries (one was a bi-lateral surgery that was kind of done separately) for the so called "sports hernia" (best to call it Athletic Pubalgia, in my opinion). I could actually even argue I had six surgeries for the problem if you count the bi-lateral hip surgeries I had, too. The surgeries occurred over a time period of the summer of 2007 to the winter of 2009. The surgeries themselves never solved, and I'd argue even ADDRESSED, the groin pain I was having.

At some point during the spring or summer of 2010, a combination of successful basketball playing and an introduction of the Bulgarian Split Squat to my training regiment led me to attempt to pursue sprinting again. Previous to that point, pretty much any time I would try to sprint with any real effort, even after the hip surgeries, my groin would either snag or flat out rip. But after doing some bulgarian squats for a while, I was abke to fiddle around with sprint workouts again.

In the years since 2010, I have had only very small instances of "reoccurrance", and those always seem to revolve around the fact that I hadn't been doing my Bulgarian Squats at all, or as much. I've been fairly successful at getting back into sprinting again, albeit as a shell of what I was. But that probably has more to do with age, luck, talent and head issues, and other injuries, than the "sports hernia" thing.

You can get around Athletic Pubalgia. It doesn't REMOTELY have to end a career. Maybe your hip will end your career, or maybe a huge assortment of kinetic chain issues can end your career, but you can get the groin pain to give way and get back to training and competing. I personally think it can be as easy as a bulgarian squat, but certainly it's a very individualized and case-by-case thing.

I personally, based on experience and my own research, don't think surgery has the slightest bit to do with "sports hernia" recovery, except for extreme cases (specifically including major hip anomalies). I went to GERMANY for a surgery, and my groin pain came back three months later aftwr running just one 100m dash prelim (I wasn't even running all out).

Alternatively, I VERY recently pulled my groin for the first time in YEARS two months ago, and in reaction I then reinstated the Bulgarian Split Squat more clearly back into my training regiment. Thusly, in the past three weeks since getting back into my sprint workouts, I'm running as fast as I have in anywhere from 4 to 12 years with NO semblance of groin issues (hammy is a different story). So. It's a very individualistic example, but.... Bulgarian Squat for the win. And it is possible to come back from. You might be predisposed to a groin problem forever once youve developed it, but if you just do some maintenance, it can essentially be put in the rear view mirror, in my opinion.

And DON'T CUT. At LEAST until you've fully covered the rehab/kinetic chain/glute/psoas/hip flexion end of the issue, and/or have a HUGE flaring-up hip MRI that EVERYONE agrees diagnostically to (preferably in this case you've got legit hip pain, too). Do yourself a favor in that regard.

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