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RE: Soccer players would be the best distance runners, and NFL players would be the best sprinters

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Many soccer players would be good sprinters, see ex-pro footballer Adam Gemili, or Kabange Mupopo, pro 400m runner and captain of the Zambia women's national team.

The World Cup match statistics on the FIFA website show how much time players spend in each range (walking, jogging, running, sprinting) so you can see for yourself what mix of speeds different players and positions run.

But they would still be no match for WRs or running back Backs, too many of them run 10 seconds

Top 100 nfl players who ran sub 11...list is crazy

Herschel walker ran 10.23

I’m surprised Devin Hester’s time is only 10.62

Deion Sanders ran 10.26

Bottom line soccer players would get smoked.

You're living in a make believe fantasy land. You can only convince yourself that NFL players can beat soccer players in a sprint. No one else will believe that. There are literaly hundreds of soccer players that can do sub 11. What the hell are a few NFLers going to do? They're overhyped but they're really not that good.

Let's see if how your brain works. You mention Sanders.

Sanders: 10.26 in the 100m

Gemili: 9.97 in the 100m, 19.97 in the 200m

Who is faster? Far faster?

Only being able to name one player who can run faster out of a World Wide sport that has been around longer is a terrible Strawman. Gemili doesn't even play soccer as his profession. guaranteed the top 25% of NFL sprint times beat the top 25% of Soccer times.

Also, it's pretty obvious when you consider genetics. Africans have better genes for distance running, hence they do better at those events, Americans with West African ancestry historically dominate in explosive and power based sports like sprinting. There is more money in Football so those athletes often play in the NFL instead of pursuing track past college.

Look at the countries that excel at soccer, they aren't the countries that win medals in sprinting. This is because they produce less athletes with the genes to be good sprinters and therefore are less likely to have the fast twitch fibers like those that go into the NFL.

The reality is that the NFL could not be a worldwide sport because most countries don't produce powerful enough athletes to compete.

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