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Fact checker
RE: Down goes the Dow

Ghost of Igloi wrote:

Fact checker wrote:

Ghost of Igloi wrote:

[quote]Fact checker wrote:

[quote]Ghost of Igloi wrote:

Yet you reply to me moments after I post.

Answer:I don’t have anything better to do while my wife cooks dinner.

Why do you insult those you disagree with?

Answe: That is not true. You are one of many posters that spend time being pissy. Look at your handle. Why do you spend time nit picking at people?

Nothing better to do? Consider helping your wife with dinner.

Answer: Earlier I helped her clean the freezer drawer. She enjoys cooking and would rather have me out of the kitchen. We have been married 44 years, I know where I am not wanted.

Have I been pissy? If you can find an instance where I have insulted you, as you have me, I will apologize.

Answer: You pick on what you want to focus on. It is your facts. That is why you are pissy. You are just as manipulative as the next person. So your “facts “ are just a cover for your game.

My handle speaks for itself. I prefer facts.

Answer: Read the above a second time.

There is an obvious reply to your first point, but I won’t go there.

Answer: Spit it out.

My facts are everyone’s facts. Facts are facts. The game is TRUTH.

Answer: Not really. You manipulate facts to reach your conclusion. That conclusion is made to play your childish game of picking at people.

I’m sure you can figure out what I won’t spit out.

Again, facts are facts. Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean they’ve been manipulated.

Enjoy your dinner.

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