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RE: Cross-Canada record attempt, 7200K - 66 days. Current record by Al Howie 72 days

Markus wrote:

The interview is here:

Actually Dave was not prepared as he could. He didn't have at least one successful 6 day race in his book. Just a "going out fast crash early" result from 1.5 years ago.

I still have to look at the numbers from the last 3 weeks but Dave did not do great in the beginning. Started out very fast with too many miles. His main flaw was that he ran too fast. You have to run multiday races with the least amount of stress to your body. If he would have done the same mileage with 2 more hours it probably would have been better.

Pete Kostelnick had a successful run through Iowa I think a couple years back. After too many miles in the first days, he adjusted nicely with (what I thought was a weird ass move) a day of no running. It worked. After that he ran 72-74 miles every day.

At the end you can't copy other peoples running since you only have your own body to work with. The art is to make the most out of your body without breaking it. That is the most important skill set for a multiday runner. 24 hour results are meaningless for that. Some of the most successful 6 day runners where not very good in 24 hour races.

As always, this is very difficult to explain to non multiday runners. Even most 100 mile and 24 hour runners overestimate what they can do on a day to day basis.

but as you say, a 24hr or a 6 day race even is not the same as crossing the country. I think Dave was fit enough and this wasn't a last minute decision as it's been planned for almost 2 years. I don't think that 6-day race was necessarily the indicator on whether this run would be a success or not

I have listened to that before and never heard him say easy but could have missed it so you can point it out where, that would be great. From talking to Dave, he certainly never said it would be an easy task.

Well, I'd agree with you that his first day was too far and fast although I don't think that was the downfall of this attempt. He dealt with some shin tendinitis after that (cut a couple days short around Revelstoke to get treatment and then got to Golden approx. 1 day behind his original he did adjust and sort himself out that first week.

I ran and talked to him for part of his Golden to lake Louise day and he was starting to feel pretty good at that point as he felt his body was adjusting to the daily running. A few days later in Calgary he again said his body was feeling good and from that point to close to Manitoba he was going at a decent pace and doing the roughly 110km a day. If you look at his Strava on July 17...I believe that's when his back starting bothering him. At that point, unless he took a week or so off, I had a feeling that was the end.

So yeah, it didn't end well but he still did over 3 weeks in a row and got over the half way point in Canada. Obviously not his goal but still impressive distance in that time. I hope he heals and learns what he can from this attempt. I doubt he would do another attempt at crossing Canada but I guess never know.

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