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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin", or &quot
Bulgarian Squat. Also called Bulgarian split-leg squat.

It can be an automatic answer for a lot of you. Do it with a bar on your shoulders, do it multiple times a week, do a series one day where you do a lower weight with a higher set/rep sequence, go a little heavier and lower rep another day. Alternate these. Do heavier weights, push it a bit. Keep raising the weight as you improve.

Do that for a few weeks, and you're likely to immediately notice a difference.

Except for the REALLY wrecked folks with way-too-far-gone hips, lower abdomen issues that require specific protocols all their own, and the like, the Bulgarian squat is likely your godsend. Do it. Do it right (check out youtube for examples). Use a mirror. Be stable. But, just do it.

Most people's butts don't work enough these days; even top athletes. That's a key component of the symptoms for most of you. Get your butts working again, and presto. Maybe you'll need hip replacements when you're 70. Maybe not. Who knows. Maybe you need hip impingement surgery now. You'll know if you can't squat. But, dont cut till ypu Bulgarian squat. Your hips are likely also involved...but...want the symptoms to essentially disappear? Want to run and jump around again?

Bulgarian squat.

P.s. Once you stop will likely come back. This is a chronic thing, but it often disappears once you Bulgarian squat the ish out of yourself. Stop? It's likely to come back. Bsquat it again, it disappears again. Just trust me and do it.

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