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RE: Cross-Canada record attempt, 7200K - 66 days. Current record by Al Howie 72 days

jesseriley wrote:

........ hoping we won’t notice. ....... Not fooling us.

Nice to see you are adopting the Spencer Hines use of the royal we. Your level of arrogance is improving. However, you are posting way too often and with too short posts to really be in DSH's league. Also, your posts are too scatter gun to be really effective. You need to concentrate on one victim at a time and reel them in slowly and then hit them with both barrels.

By the way, D Spencer Hines was the son of an admiral and served in the US Navy. His service lacked distinction. Here is what one of his fellow officers said of him as he was leaving the service

" D Spencer Hines is one of the most arrogant jackasses to ever breath and walk upon the face of earth. He hadn't a clue what leadership was all about, and in the face of intelligence evaluation, he would always ask for a point paper when one's analysis varied from his - and that was often the case.

"A towering man, of bulk and arrogance, this red headed barbarian is not worth the grey hairs many of your constituents seem to be letting themselves in for.

"He is his father's son, but nothing like his father, but rather, more a quasi-nautical south seas jester at this stage in life whose open sores apparently continue to ooze and your group are the swabs being used to absorb all that ails this sick man during his transition to senior citizenship!"

So, as you can see, you are following in his footsteps very successfully, keep up the good work. I am sure many who read this thread can identify with the previous paragraph, just substitute 'Al's team member' for 'father's son'.

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