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RE: 2018 College Track & Field Open Coaching Positions Discussion
So I read the article on the front page. Thought it was LetsRun accusing this guy of cheating, until I thought, wow this is harsh and noticed the disclaimer at the end (didn't notice one at the beginning) Came here to read the thread. Wowza.

JesseRiley, it feels like you are trying to be some sort of truth sleuth, shouting out 'abnormalities' as you see them, from the roof tops. You come across as a complete nut. I don't know you. I don't know Dave. I don't follow Ultra running or anything like that. I get that you are some sort of self-assumed authority on trans Canada runs, given your undeniable history. That's great, and I'm happy you have a strong history with the event.

Having read this thread I give that article waaay less weight. It's evident you have limited understanding of how technology works both through your own admission and ignoring the ample explanations of how quirks in technology happen. Just because there are quirks doesn't mean the whole thing is a scam. Just because you don't understand how it works, doesn't mean it's cheating.

When I review my runs on strava sometimes it has a recorded first mile of 4:17 or something similarly ridiculous. Did I run that? hell no, I was running way slower but the GPS was just quirky. My overall total time is correct and my distance is generally correct, (I use an apple watch and find it over estimates how far I run by about 10-15 meters/mi, which adds up on my long runs) but my splits are not always accurate. Sometimes they don't even register the same time it announced while I was running. I'm assuming that's part of why this guy is using multiple devices. My GPS track is usually accurate within 10 meters of where I was running on the road. (I run in a straight line, it says I run in a wavy line... maybe that's where my distance discrepancy comes from? Asking for more accuracy would require survey grade GPS units that are the size of backpacks. There are clearly numerous people who have run with him and post their own GPS data that verify they ran with him at the same time and speed. It seems like you are ignoring this? Have you ever run using any of the tracking devices these guys are using? Have you ever run with someone else who has run with any of these devices?

At the same time, it's also clear, given the history of cheaters in events like this, scrutiny is warranted. Just, usually people do the public accusing with proof. The closest I've seen to eyebrow raising, which doesn't seem unreasonable, is some very steady pacing over 'prairie' terrain. I've had plenty of runs where I can get in a groove bang out 6 or 7 miles within 5 sec/mi on pace. Again, having no experience with Ultra running, do people never find a groove over even terrain? (I'm not vouching for Dave, just questioning your questions about him)

It's also clear you're pissed Dave's not running the same route Al did. Using the same paper logging Al did, with the same witnesses Al had. Running in the same weather conditions Al did, running with the same 1991 era shoes Al ran in, using the same stride length as Al did, running at the same times of day that Al did, sleeping the same amounts of time Al slept and eating the same 1991 era food Al did. Seriously, you make it sound like because you, and several others used this one trick to burn stubborn belly fat and make it across Canada, it's IMPOSSIBLE to do it any other way. (or at least other ways must be deserving ridicule and severe rebuke - they're not.) Different runners have different styles. (strokes?) Clearly, whether he makes it across or crashes and burns will speak to the efficacy of his methods, but the fact they are different does not mean he is cheating.

Should all track records run on Mondo surface not count because older records were run on cinder tracks? Will none of the times at the new Hayward Field count because they don't finish in front of the old grandstands? It's a different course. It's still a run across Canada. He's not trying to break the fastest run from east to west. He's trying to run fastest across Canada. One point not entirely against you: your arguments about what constitutes a 'full' route at least have some grounding in reality.

Clearly Al had a monumental achievement in his record. This run (assuming it actually is all above board) doesn't do anything to diminish what Al did. Your frothing rebuke of this guy without any sort of real evidence is diminishing what Al did by association with you.

Your comments about your accusations somehow being good for this guy and his charity land with a splat, seem narcissistic and discount any merit your arguments may have held initially. Take a deep breath, stop rage frothing at the mouth, give your bloody fingertips a break, maybe go outside for a run? I hear running releases endorphins that are good for you, helps you feel calmer and happier. Perhaps there's a masters record for running across Canada out there just waiting for you to go break it? (East to west, of course)


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