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RE: Cross-Canada record attempt, 7200K - 66 days. Current record by Al Howie 72 days

dbjared wrote:

Couple of questions for anyone in the know:

1. Why did Dave drop heart-rate stats after day one?
2. In the beginning of the run, the links to the Garmin tracking was still available
for days after the run. You could go back and see those. Why were they deleted? Why
are they now deleted post run? Don't understand the change.
3. July 1st - Why are there two David's that day on Strava?
4. Why does one say 40 miles and the other 53? Garmin showed 53.
5. Did Dave really average just over six minutes per mile from mile 40-53?
6. Why did he stop? His Strava shows a very smooth run - 53 miles at 8:08 pace. Most of us
would run forever if we could run like that.
7. Why after such a day, did he go onto Facebook and make like it had been a bad day and the
route needed rethinking, rest was needed, and he needed to listen to his body?
8. Can anyone explain the July 4th anomaly? Maybe not. It may have just been a quirk
in the streaming. Even so, this is an important day in the run so far, as he came back that day from
very low to very high mileage.

Since hitting the prairies, I don't see red flags, but orange ones - running so hard at the end of runs as if
it is a time-chipped race - stopping six miles short of destination, when you could walk and manage your
goal and a nice cool down to boot.

Anomalies can be explained. They happen. I see a guy running very hard. I agree on the course remarks, but that is
the nature of Guinness and what they do.

I wouldn't say I'm in the know, but follow his run closely and ran with him one of the days (he did have someone run with him almost everyday until Saskatchewan so useful witness)

1) don't know the answer to that
2) He has an external source updating links to the website. After the first few days they were asking Garmin if they could have one link that has all his runs vs. a new link everyday. I'm guessing that's why deleted. Remember this is just tracking for entertainment purposes....not official gps data. There are gaps in the tracking data as there needs to be a data connection to the phone he carries. His watch/strava is more of the official gps tracker
3) He has 2 Garmin watches on at all times and i know he has an old Dave strava account. guessing that it was linked to that on that day
4) not sure. one watch ran out of batteries?? just a guess
5) doubt it...probably a gps anomaly that we all get at times. His usually pace is somewhere between 5:50 -6:30/km
6) I know first week he was dealing with a few issues so perhaps that's why.
7) i think he was going through a bad time mentally on that day. He also had a injury around that time that needed treatment I think in both Revelstoke and Golden he had quite a bit of Physio treatment on the injury so probably cut short to deal with it...things started to turn both physically/mentally around on June 4 on his run to Golden (it was the first day without rain as well for Dave)
8) I thought July 4 was just a turning point in which he started to get in a groove

He did say it was really windy a couple days ago as there were tornado warnings in the area.....i posted a few days ago but apparently it was a huge tailwind the last 20km or so. Also remember he is mainly camping on this trip so sometimes he just stops at campground. Sometimes its shorter sometimes further. 6 miles is still an extra hour and he might just not have it in him

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