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RE: Cross-Canada record attempt, 7200K - 66 days. Current record by Al Howie 72 days wrote:

We just published this on the front page.

OK....I was going to let this drop but since he is now publically spreading lies about Dave, I'll defend Dave.

"When you post records of the run, don’t delete them! "
- Nothings been deleted. Every run so far on this run is available to the public on Strava. Since you're probably an older guy and less tech savy, I'll pass you the link (look at his history, all runs since June 27 are there)

"A log should at least include daily miles; start & finish; running time & stopped time; witnesses; and as much detail as you can manage."
-As seen above by GPS, this is more thorough than lets say his support crew writing something down as that can be manipulated. This shows pace, when he stopped/started, etc...
-His Instagram and Facebook pages have pictures/time stamps of location at start/end of each day

"Instead we’re given gps figures that show a pace much faster than Al’s, done start to finish without a break. It’s unbelievable. Following this, a huge rest is taken at night, as if the clock has stopped! But it’s ticking continuously for 10 weeks, which is why you have to grind it out for long, slow days. Six to eight hours of break at night is the rule."

- Sorry but just because he prefers to do it as one big block of a run vs. breaks in a day does not disprove anything. That's Dave's running style and like the big rest at night. There is no rule on how to do these runs and this is Dave's choice on how he wants to attack this cross-Canada run

"Even in 1991 we had cell phones, which are handy for press conferences. Yet Calgary has come and gone without much notice, a big missed opportunity for the charity. Maybe the charity could post a log?"
- ummm, there was a big event in Calgary and have been numerous other events on the way. Maybe if you looked it up you could see them. There have also been numerous interviews/articles along the way. Why don't you look these up?

"Who is the contact person and who are the crew? Are they all in Witness Protection?"
- He has a 2 person crew (Wayne & Trish Gaudet...very respected ultra runners). plus his wife and others all there along the way with dave.
If you want to contact them, email them.

All of this information is very readily available to the public but seems you are just throwing out false claims to cast a doubt on Dave's run without doing your homework.

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