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Trump2020OP-the real one...
RE: What is your last running related dream? In Kenenisa Bekele last dream, he was answering questions with Donald Trump
The following is a condensed version of a dream I have frequently.

Theme to Chariots of Fire is playing along with occasional insertions of Warren Zevon playing Lawyers, Guns and Money.

Somewhere on a desert landscape, on a desolate cinder track, under a pale sky, I'm doing a 10/ 400 interval workout. On each lap I have a different set of workout pacers.

Lap 1: Zola Budd and Abebe Bikila are wearing Hokas. 1:20

Lap 2: Bill Rogers and Toshihiko Seko are speaking Japanese discussing their lost girlfriends. 1:15

Lap 3: Dave Wottle is not wearing his white hat but is whistling Dixie. 1:13

Lap 4: Daniel Komen and Haile Gebrselasie are discussing the latest developments in String theory. 1:11

Lap 5: Emil Zatopek is disguised as a hobby jogger wearing a pleasant smile. 1:10

Lap 6: William F. Buckley, Jack Keroac, and Barry Goldwater stop to have a gin and tonic. I stop to have an Armold Palmer.

Lap 7: Swedish Bikini team. (This is a family site so no need to provoke the censors with explicit details). Time not recorded for obvious reasons.

Lap 8: Yasmin and Suzy Favor Hamilton discussing mental health issues. 1:05

Lap 9: Hichan El Guerroj and Thomas Merton discussing motorcycles. 1:01

Lap 10: This final lap always ends somewhat fuzzily and apocalyptically as the sky and ground begin to merge and trumpets begin to sound. The Lion of Judah appears as I hit my fastest split and wakeup.


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