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I beat sports hernia with no surgery
RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin", or &
I’m going to respond to several sports hernia threads at once. Gotta spread the word about what worked!

I’ve had a sports hernia since February of 2017. By May 17 I had to see a PT for it, but her exercises did nothing. My next PT, in June, also prescribed exercises that did nothing. The athletic trainer I saw in August prescribed a bunch of exercises that did nothing. I then saw a 3rd PT in the fall, who prescribed exercises that did nothing. She eventually referred me to a 4th PT, who prescribed exercises that did nothing. Last November I started seeing a trainer that gave me much more intense and challenging exercises for my glute max, glute med, and oblique (side) abdominal muscles. I wasn’t improving much, but I wasn’t getting worse. Then the guy’s gym closed, so I had nobody to help me. This spring I started with another trainer, who also gave me much more intense and challenging exercises for my glute max, glute med, and side abdominals. After about 4 weeks/workouts with her I improved dramatically. I have a few more workouts but my sports hernia is now a non-factor in my running and pain.

I think the key was that I need a more challenging workout. The PTs and first trainer gave exercises that barely had me flexing the weak muscles. The last 2 trainers were kicking my a$s. Doing a side plank is easy, but doing a side plank on 2 of those BOSU yoga balls is much harder, and forces the obliques to work much more. That’s what I needed.

I think that a sports hernia is the adductors and abs trying to pull the body forward, when the glutes are too weak to help PUSH it forward. Obliques come into play in making sure your pelvis is in the right position as you move your trailing leg forward. I think that I have a sort of shuffling look to my stride indicates the legs are not sufficiently lifted by my core. A person who has high knee lift will probably not get a sports hernia.

I’ve read these sports hernia threads for over a year, and have been saddened by the outcomes and lack of knowledge of this injury. I hope this helps. Best of luck to all!

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