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RE: Road Racing and Training Thread. Week Ending May 13 2018
I think intensity creates issues as well - the root is the impact force being imparted to an unstable joint. I hit with greater force at faster (more intense) paces, so for every step run at threshold pace, I am creating a higher potential for injury as compared to each step run at easy distance pace.

But the core issue is the torquing of the joint as a result of repeated high impact forces on an unstable joint, which is happening with every stride. Of course, if I had done basic strengthening the joint would be more stable and I would be better suited for higher volume. But there are some unalterable structural issues that I deal with that the typical runner - to the extent there actually is such a thing - doesn't have to deal with (broad hips, curved leg bone) and those atypical features probably create some upper limit beyond which I cannot train. My job is to minimize the impact forces (which I am choosing to do by reducing the force imparted by each stride (by shortening my stride) rather than reducing the number of strides taken at my old stride length (reducing volume)), and to raise that upper limit by strengthening the muscles that support and stabilize the joints that are impacted.

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