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Still Improving
RE: Road Racing and Training Thread. Week Ending May 13 2018
Coach Jeff - Lots of climbing Thurs. and Sat. I'm sure that helps build and maintain leg strength. My Sat. run was in the morning so it was in cooler temps plus Fri was short so less to average out a slow first warm up mile. Weather has been a big factor lately with how HR maps to pace. In general all my weekday runs are in the afternoon right after I get home from work and those will be warmer than the morning weekend long run.

TDR - Nice 5k time and a spot on the podium on Saturday Good showing for something that wasn't 100% effort.

Allen - Looks like things are going well. I know you hit the wall, but 18miles is a long run. I haven't been paying close attention to your long run distances, but that seems like a good bump up in the long run.

RRR - Good to see things are on the mend.

consistency - Good week after your race recovery. Feeling good while out on a hilly trail is a good sign.

R4F - Isn't ITBS an overuse injury? When I had it, I could not run more than a mile or two before things started to hurt. Took me about 2 months before it cleared up. Do you do much for a pre run routine? If not, consider doing something to get things loose before you go out for a run.

OR - Big week in the warm weather and to think it is not even hot yet.

GFMH - This is the first week that I have really looked at your training. 11+ hours looks really good for base building. Have you picked your fall marathon yet? Maybe I'll swing by the coast on the return trip although I was planning to keep things inland to avoid I95.

Sub 6 - Good luck in your upcoming 10k.

jewbacca - I used the Rides as I transitioned to a lower drop due to not being sure if making an abrubt change would result in any sort of injury. My casual/work shoes at the time were low drop, so I guess I was already used to it.

above_average_joe - Solid week after your marathon recovery. Good sign for your upcoming half.

Smoove - 11,000lbs of river rock, that's a workout for sure. Good to see you recovering and getting some miles in again.

DB - Good to see that the ITBS is on the mend.

thinkaboutit - Welcome back. Does Smoove do online coaching?

General Kenobi - If you are limiting your runs to 30min due to cardiac drift, have you considered backing off on the pace a bit? Maybe you are running too fast for your current fitness and weather conditions.

PutoMiudo - Congrats on the AG 2nd in the trail race. Seems like you have got a lot of racing going on.

team1 - Welcome back.

JamesTheAmateur - Saw that thread your started last week. Shin splints are a sign that you introduced too much intensity too soon. I'm not going to repeat all the advice you got. Just take it easy introducing the fast paced work back in and make sure your training paces are appropriate for your current fitness.

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