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Gordon Tremeshko
RE: Road Racing and Training Thread. Week Ending May 13 2018
Continuing the Stonecutter quotes tradition:
"How you define hard is how you're going to experience hard." - Ryan Hall

PRs: 1:24 half, 3:09 full, +2 for 9 holes
Goals: sub-3 full, even par for 9 holes, do a legit one armed push-up

Week before last I only ran 1.5mi trying to get my foot to heal. Last week I think I had an "ah-ha" moment about mid-week.

Basically, it seems my right glute wasn't firing anymore. I think this has happened before and the natural tendency is for my knee to then collapse inward from taking that extra stress and I get classic ITBS knee pain. Instead, my body seems to have found a way to take the stress of my knee too (thanks body!) and it led to me basically trying to get all my right side force from my foot through a toe off at a weird angle. All without me realizing it. Basically, if I think really hard about my butt while I run now, there's no more pain. As soon as I lose focus, it's back. (For example: ran 7 this morning, it hurt at 1.5mi, and then never again). So, not healed and out of the woods yet, but I think I found the right path.

Only ran 63 miles in April and 28 so far in May so I need to spend the next 4-5 weeks one easy runs building a bit before I start thinking about Chicago seriously. Also need to continue some supplementary training from Running Rewired...especially the "Stabilize the Hips" and "Drive from the Hips" sections for now. Anecdotally...thinking so much about your running while you're running is weird af.

Wednesday- 5, golf league's back - shot 44, some rust to shake off
Thursday - off
Friday - 6
Saturday - 5
Sunday - off
Total - 19

Runningforfun - I know the Stronglifts 5x5 app when I see it...

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