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RE: Road Racing and Training Thread. Week Ending May 13 2018
A few thoughts and comments ...

Coach Jeff -- You feel good all the time, eh? Not a bad place to be. Regarding the October marathon, hey, why not! And, yeah, I am rarely shy about taking a day off. But knowing this week was a planned cut-back, I pushed through the sluggishness last week to hit some good mileage.
Tall dark roast -- Nice result in the 5K, especially for a low-key effort. That third mile was strong and relaxed. Looking forward to where you'll be when you really race next month.
rrr -- Looks like your recovery is going well. Some shorter racing this summer will be fun! I understand the attraction for single-speed biking -- spent my childhood on a 45-pound Schwinn with coaster breaks, and loved it, despite having to dismount on the steepest hills!
consistency -- Always great when the spring in your step returns post-marathon. Will be interesting to see a Lydiard approach to base-building. Thanks for the comments ... when I run repeats, the speed usually increases, but they're consistent in terms of effort. Just seems to take a while to get warmed up.
Still Improving -- Marathon Week! You're ready for a big PR. I'm thinking "C Goal" if the weather cooperates.
R4F -- Good to see you're being proactive with the little aches and pains. I tend to just ignore such things, but that approach bit me hard last year. Have fun in the 10-mile race this weekend!
OR -- I could take the last three miles of any one of your runs, and be happy with that as my upcoming 5K! Just amazing and consistent running in the Virginia late-spring heat. Selfishly, I wish you had run that 5K, but I understand. Can hardly wait until July 4th!
going faster -- Yes, resilency! And trails are the way to go. The constant micro-adjustments for lateral stability engages all the muscles. In my early 40s, I incorporated a lot of short steep hill sprints on a rutted trail, and I think it really helped. Yes, I am looking forward to my 5K this week -- just wish I had gotten my weight down. Every time I start making some progress, I binge eat sweets for a couple days.
sub-6 -- A fantastic week, indeed. I vote for another race this spring before you get on with the marathon cycle.
angryjohnny -- Your past week's training sounds like mine from age 23 until 40. Work, work, work. A short run. Work, work, work.
jewbacca -- Good to get back to some strength training.
above_average -- Hilly courses are all about racing, and that's a good thing. But even so, your half marathon PR is going down!
Smoove -- When is your gait analysis? That's gonna be really interesting
Diet Bacon -- That's a good-looking "return" week with the strength work and cross-training. Thanks for the kind words. I am definitely leaner now, compared to my 20s and 30s when I spent 60 hours a week sitting at a desk job (plus another 10 hours commuting).
thinkaboutit -- Welcome back.
Gen Kenobi -- You're on target to go sub-40 next month.
PutoMiudo -- Congrats on the trail run results. That time looks impressive, too. Thanks for the comments, although, at this point I am still just barely managing through my injuries. I stopped mentioning them because who wants to hear an old geezer constantly complaining about his health!
team1 -- What are your goals after the 1-mile/5K event?
Epimetheus -- Very impressive week. A down week now would probably be good.
Midwest -- Any racing planned before the October marathon?
James -- I guess it's best to be cautious. Hope it's nothing serious.

Have a productive and happy week, everyone!

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