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RE: Galen Rupp interview with brazilian youtuber

Elaborate wrote:

Dril wrote:

Rupp is likable and a nice guy. This board thinks of him as antisocial because he refuses to do interviews with the blojos. I unfortunatley have met rojo several times. I can tell you that if i had multiple olympic medals I would absolutely ignore anyone associated with LR in the “media” zone.

Please explain in great detail

To sum it up briefly, Rojo's actual presence mirrors his LR presence, so I guess props to him for being authentic online?? Every year Rojo graces a certain city with his presence during key races and somehow manages to be the number A hole in a city of A holes. He can usually be found at certain hangouts and he is as obnoxious as you can imagine. He's unabashedly in love with himself, his ideas, and doesn't seem very interested anything anyone else has to say. He's a jagoff to the nth degree. There's just zero professionalism about him despite the fact that he's traveling for his profession. I am a meaningless hobby jogger and doubt I would speak to him if for some absurd reason the media required it. No way I would do so if I was Rupp.

Rupp has no social meida presence... good for him. Every day we trash people with social media presences. If he had the presence of Centro we'd call him cocky. If he had the presence of someone of the female runners, no names, we call him attention seeking. It's a lose-lose situation for him. Back in 2005 I was mocking Rupp after visiting the LR boards. A friend of mine said to me, "Why don't you like Rupp?" I had no response other than the people on LR don't like him. Every since I've been a fan. There's a mob mentality to this place that Rojo, and Wejo complicity, fuel. Videos like the one shared by the OP, as edited as they may be, cut to the heart of this. He's a decent guy and a beautiful runner. There should be nothing but love for him on these boards.

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