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Rojo Bojo
RE: Former Olympic and world 1500m champion Asbel Kiprop tests positive for banned substance, same as Jemima Sumgong.

DHT123 wrote:

Great that he got popped, and as people posting here have noted, it gives more credence to the leaked Fancy Bears 'likely doping' list. Interesting to note that Kiprop was only 'passport suspicious' on that list, which is one notch down from the 'likely doping' rating, and didn't have as many stars next to his name and some others.......

I'd like to see the following:

1) Some proper journalistic reports to actually understand what is going on with testing in athletics in general and how it works. A case in point - what is the situation with OOC testing in Africa at the moment? Does anyone even know if there is any blood testing of athletes in Kenya/Ethiopia right now? One assumes that Kiprop has been popped on a urine test, but that he was originally flagged due to a blood profile that was the result of tests taken when he was competing in Europe? Canova's posts about Sondre on these forums suggests that he was never blood tested during the year (ish) he spent in Kenya, but that (anecdotally) he was urine tested a number of times there. Mo Farah gave an anecdote that the testers couldn't get the needle in to his training partner one morning in Ethiopia......but is there really blood testing there? How can we not have an idea of what is going on? Wejo/Rojo - here is a chance for you to do an informative piece, involving interviewing WADA people, about the state of testing in athletics today. What has happened with Ruth Jebet by the way?

2) I'd like athletes - no, just ONE athlete - actually try to positively demonstrate that they are clean, rather than the current 'I've never failed a doping test' mentally. Someone has to set the standard of how to do this. Publish all your tests. Publish your blood profile. List all the supplements you take. Blog your training. Explain how the whereabouts system works. It's not hard. But not one athlete does this. No wonder we are all so suspicious. Transparency!

3) We have to look backwards before we go forwards. Without a Truth & Reconciliation council in athletics, the sport will not progress. Look at the list of Rosa athletes. Look at the old world records still standing. It's quite obvious that there has been massive amounts of doping and cheating in the past but without an incentive (or lack of punishment) to come clean, we will never clear anything up. We need to actively interrogate the champions and the times of the past. Anyone who has seen my posts know that my bugbear on this issue is Paula Radcliffe and the holes in her story surrounding the three dodgy test results in her career. To take one example, we're supposed to believe that after setting a world best time in the Great North Run, she is then so ill with 'food poisoning' she is given a course of antibiotics (ask your doctor how likely this is...) and is then so 'weak' due to this that she has a Hgb score of only 12.0.....but then manages to destroy the world class opposition in the world half marathon championships (13 days after the Great North Run and presumably still taking the antibiotics. Come ON! Are you serious? If this was a runner of another nationality we'd be laughing at this ridiculous story. Again, we need some journalists to do some good work and dig into these stories from the past and stop believing what they are told.


It infuriates me that Paula gets away with this without the general population knowing that she is in more that likely a massive cheating fraud. I really want someone to dig deep, get the evidence and bust her. Ruin her life if that is what is required to get the truth out.

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