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Charlie MF Watts
RE: i may have kidney stones
Mine don't hurt when I urinate. In mine, it starts out with a dull ache in my lower back. I can't sleep--I can't get comfortable. Ultimately, it moves from the kidney into the ureter--and the pain "moving" through and intermittently blocking the ureter is the worst .When it blocks the ureter, I have severe nausea. I can't keep anything down. Typically, it moves through in 8-12 hours. One time, I had one block the ureter for a week or so--it impacted my kidney function--which quickly recovered. Once it passes through the ureter, it hits the bladder--and the pain is gone. Most of the time, mine dissolves in the bladder--I've only peed out two-and they were much smaller than would be expected to block my ureter. The peeing them out is comparatively painless--freaky is a word I'd use to describe the feeling. When they are in the ureter, they are far worse than freaky--they are satan's tool. The doctor typically gives you a coffee filter thing to pee in, to try to catch one

On some occasions, I've peed blood-that stone was jagged and just cut me up inside.--that was the very first one I went to the doctor for. Looking back I think had some before, but just weren't as bad. I've had 4 episodes that were miserable. Most of the rest have been just a nuisance. I've not had one in 4 years--I try to drink a lot of water and mix lime or lemon juice with it. Mine are mostly uric acid stones--oxalic are the more common type in young whippersnappers. If you can catch one, have it analyzed and they can give you diet ideas to treat them. My experience is that diet is not the issue-it's hydration. I was also taking a bunch of calcium supplementswhen I first got one--to address a stress fracture issue--and in my mind, that's what got me started on this new hobby. Drink milk, don't take pills, and drink lots of water-especially in the summer..

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