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RE: Why are "point-to-point" courses not record eligible?

Everyone knows it's windy wrote:

Ahem, it is near impossible for wind to remain steady over a long course. It can come from any direction, even if predominantly from one direction -- current eddies. And, on the track winds under 2 meters/sec are okay for record purposes. Rather than a silly ban on point-to-point, make it a not record eligible if the average wind speed along the course is greater than X meters/sec in the direction of travel. Actually, a wind speed rule should be applied to all courses, yes, even the loopy courses.

You have kind of answered your own question. It is near impossible for the wind to remain steady over a long course. So how do you determine the average wind speed? Is it the average at the start? The average at the finish? Or do you have wind stations every mile, kilometer? Does the average of each station need to be below 2 m/s or is it the cumulative average. What about standard deviation. Must the average be less then 2 m/s but with no station recording a measurement of greater then 3 m/s?

What about wind direction and direction of travel. Is it the free field wind direction, i.e. that measures above the building skyline then vectored for direction of travel or the wind direction at street level? They will definitely be different. What about the location of the measurement? In a city with large buildings and a free field wind at 45 deg to the street grid I could get very different readings depending on whether I measure on the left hand side of the street or the right hand side. Do you put measuring stations on each side of the road and use their average for that station? If you do that and put stations every kilometer of a marathon then you could have 86 stations in total. What if one or two of those stations malfunction and give garbage data, how do you handle that?

To define all this will probably add several pages to the IAAF rule book and still result in several challenges.

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