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The Fokus
RE: Carrie Dimoff - a 34-year old Princeton alum whom you've never heard of- just beat Schwiezer and almost beat Jorgensen!!

rojo wrote:

Dembele Dembele wrote:

Especially considering your only job is to follow the sport, it's surprising you don't know Dimoff. She's run at USAs multiple times - in the steeple as far back as 2008. Ran well at CIM last December. Coached by Elliott Heath.
Try harder, guys.

Try harder? I don't think you get the point of the headline. We are highlighting her story and trying to get people to pay attention to it by saying most people have no idea who she is. To me that she's an unknown mom is what makes it great. Having witnessed my wife give birth, I'm now fully convinced there is no way that getting through that wouldn't make you a tougher runner.

The fact that someone wouldn't know who she is isn't hard to fathom or a bad thing. Look, I'm a Princeton alum and I barely know who she is. Let's say you want to stay on say just top of the top 5 people in the 800, 1500, steeple, 5k, 10k, and marathon at the following levels - NCAA, USA and World level (Yes I know there isn't a marathon in the NCAA so call it cross country).

That's 180 runners right there that you have to know. Throw in a couple of couple handful of high schoolers and you are well over 200. If i asked you you to get into great detail on your 200th favorite NFL star, I bet you couldn't do it. The same thing is true here.

Her career highlight before today came at the 2012 trials she was 6th in the steeple, (either that or her 2:30 marathon in December) ahead of names like Delilaha D and Sara Hall. So there is no shame it not knowing who she is.

And the thing about running is it is very top heavy. Someone who has a career highlight of finishing 5th at the Trials is probably someone who is normally like the 10th best person in the field but they have a great year. So in reality, she'd be like the 400 or 500th person in your brain.

Nice attempt to quantify your ignorance. Most people I know can rattle off alumni athletes to me no matter how marginal they may have been once they became alumni. For an alumnus of a school to "barely know who she is" in a niche sport in which she's been pretty competitive over a number of years is pathetic considering you are one of the supposed leader's of the board.

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