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RE: Training Log for a 2:30ish Boston Marathon 2018

reed wrote:

Pantman wrote:

5k tempo at 5:38 pace today. Fast for me despite tailwind and a slight drop. Did a 6M progression tempo on Monday - 3M above 6:00 pace (trail slightly up) and 3M back below (6:00 pace).

Next workout is Saturday - 12M @ 6:05 pace is the goal.

Shooting for 2:37 at LA in March, so less time left for me but less progression needed. Going to keep trying to get a bit faster the next few weeks and then get more focused on extending the MP in February.

saw that your goal is 5mi tempo at 5:40 pace in 3 weeks. Dunno if doing 2 tempos per week is the best way to get there though. If turnover is your problem, why don't you do more shorter intervals? You ought to be able to do something like 12x1min on, 1min off starting around 5:30 pace and dropping down to 5:00s

my week is going well so far. did just 6 x 2min on/1min off on Tuesday because I was having trouble focusing on speed with the darkness and road conditions plus I started to feel my groin nag me. Had been running about 5:20 pace for the ons and 6:40 for the offs. Next time I'll find a simpler route for my evening workouts so I don't have to worry about sharp turns, bad pavement, or getting kicked out of a closed cemetery...

next workout is a 24min tempo tomorrow morning. Will probably try to negative split it as it's a group workout and I'm not sure if anybody will be running under 5:40s. My goal is 5:40 or faster

I agree with the two tempo comment although if I would take a different path to get to the goal 5M tempo. I'd go even shorter for the short stuff like 15-30 seconds of either sprints or hills. Since you say you don't have great turnover, sprints is not a great idea because you're likely not great at recruiting your fast twitch muscles. Hill sprints will help you do that.

Second 5k of "tempo" is not just not enough time to get good aerobic development for a marathoner. 3 miles of tempo seems more appropriate for a miler. 5 miles would be the minimum I'd do. Going longer and slower is a bit of a shot to the ego because you dont get to hit those faster paces, but is more beneficial given your target race. I would start at 5M, and do the pace that is appropriate now, say maybe 5:50 pace. I'd add on 1-1.5 miles each week. After 3 of those, I'd return to the 5M tempo and would most likely hit my goal of 5:40 pace.

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