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John T.
RE: best

Tinman wrote:

I am wondering how it is the supposedly JK and his buddy have this magical 92.5% of LTV as an ideal training pace. Interesting that when I do the math it is EXACTLY the same velocity/pace as my aerobic threshold velocity. Abe Lincoln said, "You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time."

Here is how they did it:

1) He/they looked at Jack's chart and found a VDOT level they wanted to use. For example, they chose 80. At 80 they found that Jack listed 13:17.8 for 5k and 4:41 for a true LT velocity/pace.

2) He/they then figured out the exact pace per mile of 13:17.8 (divided by 3.10689 - the true mileage of 5 kilometers) and that resulted in 4:16.78 per mile.

3) Next, he/they divided the 5k pace per mile (4:16.78) by my (Tinman's) aerobic threshold value (.85 of 5k pace) to get 5:02.10.

4) Then, he/they divided backwards my 5:02.10 aerobic theshold numberr by Jack's 4:41 per mile LT number to get 1.075. Since they use the European way (Canova, Cabral, Jannsen) method of taking the inverse of numbers, they lopped off the 1.0 part and then subtracted the .075 from 1.0 (which is 100%) to get 92.5 and then they called it 92.5% LTV. They should have said that it is 92.5% of Jack Daniel's LT velocity which is the same as Tinman's aerobic threshold velocity/pace.

Tinman, I respect your knowledge very much, but this is a garbage attack against John Kellogg. He has been on this board many times, like you, offering advice for FREE.

Why is it that he, and not Hadd or Renato or anyone, is the only one to steal YOUR ideas?

He has coached Bruce Hyde, Wejo, Ryan Deak, Rojo, Stoneham, and many, many high schoolers to ENORMOUS improvements.

Do you think he did this all, and wrote a chapter in a new running book, using PLAGIARIZED information?

That is ludicrous slander.

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