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Faker than fake
RE: Women runs 520 miles on treadmill in 7 days but doesn't get WR as Guinness says her witness doesn't count

Agree with this wrote:

[b]Let's keep this reasonable wrote:

On behalf of balance, and the people using this thread as evidence to her current sponsors that she is a bad egg and not to be supported; this sort of comment is not very helpful.

She is many things, but she is NOT "overweight", and I'd like to think that a large proportion of the commenters on here would agree. This is EXACTLY the sort of thing that Amy and the aggressive boyfriend are jumping on to incite bulllying from their fanboys against us "trolls" and "bodyshamers".

She has a lot of questions to be answered regarding her "charity" combined with suspicious jetset lifestyle and creativity with the truth. Let's keep the comments on that, and not give them any more ammunition, please.

I agree that people should avoid commenting on her appearance in negative ways, as it is generally unhelpful and people shouldn’t do that anyway. While some comments are relevant, in that she certainly doesn’t look like someone who runs high mileage, those sorts of comments should be said in a non-insulting way.

On a positive note it does seem like she’s moved away from claiming to be a long distance runner to more of a “fitness motivator”. It would be even more positive ,if that is her chosen “career”’ path, that she get clients to pay her for her fitness motivation rather than this while charity angle. Personally I believe that the greater percentage of money raised that goes to “administration” (salaries and costs) the more a charity ceases to be a charity. If more than 50% of the money raised goes to “administrative costs”, arguably the main accomplishment of the “charity” is administrative and not charitable. To me it ceases to rationally even be considered a charity at 50%, but I would hope standards are much much higher. I would hope the maximum that administrative costs were allowed to be for a charity would be more in the 10% range of money raised.

I wouldn't personally have posted that she is overweight. However for what she was claiming, that she's one of the best runners in the world, then yes, she is too big .
Considering the bullying abuse SHE has come out with on her page, i hardly think one word, overweight, can be considered bullying in comparison.

You are just guessing where the charity money goes. Let's not forget all three of them - her, the bf and her dad, are trustees. Who's to say all these "expenses" don't go straight to THEM?
I've asked her to show the charity accounts from day one. She won't.

She has no option but to sack the long distance claims. She knows we are watching her and demanding the Strava details. She knows she can never genuinely run very far. Because she's rubbish.

She is now claiming she's sponsored by SAMSUNG UK. Boasting free stuff from them.
I have messaged Samsung on Facebook.
Can we ALL please contact Samsung and let them know she's a scammer and post this thread.

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