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RE: Allright Letsrun - Who wins, Ryan Hall 2007 or Galen Rupp in 2017

Skolvith wrote:

vkvkcjcjcj wrote:

Raysism wrote:

vkvkcjcjcj wrote:

We will know once Rupp runs a thon under these conditions...

Under 60 degrees with little humidity
No significant head wind
Flat course
2:02-2:06 capable competitors who are attempting to run that fast

He hasn't had all of these conditions met yet. Once Rupp does I think we can evaluate him against Hall whom had this conditions met a number of times.

Totally agree.

I just wish we could see what 2011-2014 Rupp would've done in this kind of race. Everyone here just assumes that Rupp could run 2:06 in fast conditions, but I'm not sure 2015-2017 Rupp has done anything to indicate that's a slam dunk. He hasn't set a non-marathon PR in over three years..

2011-2014 Rupp on the other hand, could have been our greatest marathoner ever (though I'm sure he's plenty happy with the 10000m Olympic medal and AR he got in this timeframe...).

I agree that when he was a sub 27 10k runner he would easily been 2:06 or faster. Although I think he's still a low 27 runner who just hasn't been in the right race yet to run that fast. The thon has shown that one can pr in his mid thirties. So he just needs to get in London or Berlin and go after it. If he sticks to just the major domestic thons and Olympics it will be very disappointing. But it might be better for him financially, so who am I to judge.

Alberto has a plan here. I would expect to see Rupp in one of the high-speed marathons next spring, most likely London. His chicago race should get him on the 2018 WC team already, so he could go for it in the spring and see what happens.

Most people here expected Rupp to run London this spring, but it looks like it's another Boston. I'm not getting the feeling that Al Sal thinks Rupp has a fast marathon in him.

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