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RE: Great find - Shalane Flanagan's 1st running race came when she was in a stroller (pic)
I can see why the Brothers Johnson would recommend the Reavis post - it wasn't so much celebrating Shalane's achievement as it was trumpeting her superior heart and strength of will, something that a lot of fans of the sport buy into, and something you Americans need to be part of every narrative, it seems. But I'd say that for people equally passionate about the sport around the world, and the humanity that makes it compelling, this detracts from what she achieved. The anecdote that led the post off set a tone that was pretty much the same as the action it described. Justifying it as form of "justice served", and turning it into a measure of Shalane's quality makes it more a bit of myopic arrogance.

This is nothing against Shalane, not by any means. She deserved this, she was the best on the day. And this was long due for her. Jeptoo is a cheat, and hopefully will never be allowed back to the sport - and absolutely she should be called as such at every opportunity. And it is unconscionable that Shalane's rightful Olympic medal was stolen from her, and the wait took as long as it did. But again, it's one thing for Shalane to say something in frustration in the aftermath, (something that may reflect her competitive character, but also something that perhaps shouldn't really be a source of pride) and another to use that as the basis for framing her triumph as an American one, a result of American values.

That's how it reads anyway, at least to me, call it what you will - a sign of her competitiveness, a bit of attitude that is needed to make the sport more mainstream. Again, nothing against Shalane - anyone Meb calls a friend must be a wonderful person, that is something I can believe. This has to do with how her win has been framed - and Reavis is the last person I thought would have taken this position too. I am happy Shalane conquered the marathon - in Boston, Berlin and the Olympics, according to the post she herself said that she wasn't comfortable running the way the Africans did - she couldn't match them that way, or hers in the end (keep in mind 5 other women outlasted her in Boston, and she was 3rd in Berlin.) And still she kept trying. That's a great story. That's what we can all cheer for, and I do. But this Reavis post strikes the same nerve as those people on here who would cite her not going on the Colbert show as a "win" equal to her run - something that says a whole lot more about them than anything else. Still, it makes it difficult not to hope that one day one of your great white hopes gets caught up in a drugs scandal (as much as I hate to say both of these things) - but it would be a much deserved comeuppance for them.

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