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PT here...
RE: Amy Hughes is not a world record holder

Lying fraudster wrote:

Shi wrote:

No sign of the treadmill world record claim on her website any more.

She still claims she did the mileage though when she didn't, and still says she got the record for 53 marathons when she didn't .

Is she even capable of doing a photo without her ugly gob open?
Look at this tripe. She knows NOTHING about fitness. I asked her what her personal training qualifications are and she just blocked me.
I dont believe she's qualified in any way

I saw that post as well. Hilariously generic and naff advice, but to be fair, that's pretty much what social media is used for by a lot of fitness people.

STEP 1: Carefully select your favourite from that hour's 6,000 selfies.
STEP 2: Disguise narcissism by dressing it up as a vague, fitness advise post.
STEP 3: Make sure to include some kind of vacuous spiritual reference and several emojis
STEP 4: Post, sit back, and watch the 'likes' from adoring fans come flooding in.

She will be qualified to a level 3 standard I imagine; possibly a level 2 if the gym she is based at is lenient in its employment policy. Unfortunately, although there are many very knowledgeable PT's out there, the bar for qualifying is not set particularly high. There was a guy on my course who genuinely couldn't get his head around the fact that there are vegetarians out there, that don't even eat fish. He passed no problem.

As much as I don't like to slag off the industry I work in, the qualification doesn't always mean that much. It's a bit like how a driving licence doesn't make you a good driver by default; it just ensures you've got the basics and can now go on to get good it it, IF you can be bothered.

Anyway... think I'm just about done shooting myself in the foot. I continue to follow Amy's (and others) posts, because they make me feel good about my own work.

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