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Hall is the slowest
RE: Allright Letsrun - Who wins, Ryan Hall 2007 or Galen Rupp in 2017

gdffdsdagsdf wrote:

[quote]Raysism wrote:
I agree with all this, but if Rupp was more consistent than Hall, it's not by much. At the end, Hall was a broken down used car, but he was remarkably consistent for a marathoner -- he had a much longer career than all but a handful of the top Africans:

Spring 2007: 2:08:24
Fall 2007: 2:09:02
Spring 2008: 2:06:17
Fall 2008: 2:12:33
Spring 2009: 2:09:40
Fall 2009: 2:10:36
Spring 2010: 2:08:40
Fall 2010: DNS
Spring 2011: 2:04:58
Fall 2011: 2:08:04
Spring 2012: 2:09:30

Just look at that list. If a non-Rupp American ran a 2:10:36 this year, we'd be really excited -- and that was Hall's 9th best marathon...

This seals it for me. I was also going to say that Hall was less consistent, but come on, look at that -- I must have been biased by his later years. Hall at his best wins for sure.

Your last comment (just above mine) is on point as well.[/quote]

This should not seal it for you. We’re talking about Rupp who just ran 2:09:20 after running very controlled and within himself for 22 miles.

Hall mostly ran 2:08-2:09 in races going all out losing by several minutes. The only person who has been able to gap Rupp like that was Kipchoge.

If Rupp ran a time trial in great conditions and ran 2:08:05, everybody would be disappointed because of we would know that would be his 5th best marathon performance out of 5, yet the fastest time.

The only people who think Hall is better are people who were never competitive themselves. I typically see them mid pack types (at any level) focus on times only.

You know why? It’s all they have to focus on. And it’s eventually what most of us become.

For example, if I run a marathon next year, I can pick a course that’s suitable and say I want to run 2:45.

What place am I shooting for? Who cares..I’m not competitive with that part of the race. That’s how Hall was as a 2:08 guy. He ran for time only.

When it came to actually being competitive in like Olympics, he was trash.

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