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RE: Women runs 520 miles on treadmill in 7 days but doesn't get WR as Guinness says her witness doesn't count

Asked for evidence wrote:
I just asked Amy this. I'll post any response!

Hey Amy, as there was absolutely zero evidence of your claimed "53 marathons" and same for your failed treadmill attempt, I assume you will have learned from the thorough rinsing you got on Lets Run and will of course be providing full watch data to Strava or Garmin for your next 400 mile "run"?

After all, if you are asking for money for your "charity" and claiming records and getting loads of freebies and media attention from sponsors for these "runs" it's only fair you provide evidence for people.

Do give me a link for this 400 mile "run" data so we can all follow along on Lets Run.

Though it does rather sound to me like yet another fake stunt just to get attention and more cash for your "charity" so please feel free to prove us all wrong and let us follow every step of this 14 day "run".
Watch data immediately uploaded to Strava each day as soon as you stop "running" would be a great move, with of course, cadence and heart rate, so we can tell you aren't cycling or driving.

Since I assume you are blocked by Amy Hughes, I'll post what she wrote about 8 hours ago on her Facebook in response to your questioning. She is in complete denial about being exposed as a cheat here despite the overwhelming evidence and her board of followers responded with about 126 comments, all seemingly to have never read what I wrote about the video evidence :

53.53 Marathons

I wasn't going to post this...but then I thought why not?! Maybe there are other people out there that have experienced unkind messages online or have even been bullied! I want to show that it's not ok, it's not ok to be spiteful and hateful for absolutely no reason.

And just so we can get the facts right David-
I wasn't rinsed, I was trolled and bullied by a select few of lovely souls.

I am in fact not running for MY charity or any other charity.

I have not pulled any stunts, however I wish I had of! It would have saved a lot of pain, grey hairs and blisters!

After that lovely message I'm not sure I'll be so forth coming to give you a link to my data evidence, or maybe I will? If you like i can also give you my daily weight, shoe size, bra size and knicker durability.

If you followed me David you would realise why I run, and why I don't sit behind a computer being spiteful. I'm running this challenge for me and for the people that follow me. I'm running to discover somewhere beautiful and hopefully get a few others involved along the way. As a good friend just said-there will always be people who judge or pick holes but keep doing what you do, follow your heart and create wonderful memories for yourself and those that have faith! maybe you could come and join me?!

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Amy Hughes is as bad as Dave Reading. I wish another investigative reporter would pick up the story about her to give her some publicity.

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