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Staggering claims
RE: Women runs 520 miles on treadmill in 7 days but doesn't get WR as Guinness says her witness doesn't count

you cannot be serious wrote:

[quote]Never heard of her wrote:

[quote]Rebranding wrote:

The fake world record claim has now been removed from the front page of Amy's website and the bragging has been toned down a little. Who's going to be tracking her 400 mile run in 14 days starting at the end of the month?

Still ridiculous claims, comparing her to Jo Pavey and making out she's famous.
Not even RUNNERS have heard of her and certainly not average person in the street. She is totally unknown.
As the 53 fake marathons never produced any data then this expensive jaunt in a few days, paid for with charity money, won't either.
There will be zero proof she ran this 400 miles, just a bunch of selfies with her gob open.
Its just a funded vacation for attention.[/quote]
are we talking about Jo Pavey European champion, World Champs bronze medalist, mutiple Olympian, 2:28 marathon runner and one of the most well known athletes in the UK?
surely not.

i'd list Amys achievement but she's done sweet fcuk all.

get a grip Amy. that ego of yours is spiralling out of control. i think a few less selfies and bit more self reflection is in order.[/quote]

She is so typical of all scammers. They have no shame and when exposed they just carry on like they aren't bothered at all, like the Readings.
She has done absolutely nothing in the real world of running and will have learned nothing from all this and will post no watch data for the next scam run, but will just demand more attention and CASH for her "charity".
I wonder how much the real figure is that they take for themselves?

How on earth could she be in a top 100 pole as a totally unknown person?
Who on earth chose these 100 people?
She does a fake 53 marathon stunt and ends up in the top 100 Brits? Then top 5 running heroes ? She is unheard of! Can only be fixing votes somehow
What is this lunacy

"This achievement placed Amy 27th in the Telegraph’s Top 100 Britons of 2014 and established her alongside the likes of Jo Pavey in Runner’s World Top 5 Running Heroes of 2014. Amy also picked up ‘Running Moment of the Year 2014’ at the prestigious Running Awards."

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