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RE: Better to attend cheap and academically mediocre college or expensive but prestigious?

Art Vandelay the fake one wrote:

For the majority of people it won't matter. For that handful of the true elites of society, the prestige and signaling is useful. The hard part is being honest with yourself as to whether or not you're truly elite.

This is actually quite a big deal. A lot of high school kids (and even their parents) cannot really be honest on the actual level of academic talent that they possess.

A lot of people can get into great schools but not get great grades there. The college world is vastly differently than high school. Plenty of kids get good grades in high school only to struggle in college,

The mediocre grades can be indicative of what you will be able to do in grad or professional school.

At least in my experience going the law school path, mediocre grades in law school and you won't be hired at the type of firms that pay the 6 figures that wipe away your educational debt. They want the top kids of a class. And the problem is that the top of a class and the bottom of the class pay the same amount in tuition. And that educational debt can be a big damper on moving forward in your life. Such as buying a house, putting away some savings to start a family, or saving some money to start your own business.

I went the prestigious route. If I had to do it over again, I would go the state school route and paid waaaay less for college.

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