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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin
I had a sports hernia mesh operation after sprinting and feeling a sharp popping in my groin on both sides as my left and the right foot hut the ground right by/in my scrote .after 2 yrs of all the troubles that people discribe hear I was diagnosed with inguinal disruption. When I was operated on
The butcher found I had a large tear in my internal eternal obliqe which he meshed and stapled me up . I woke up from the Op feeling so tight around the abdominal area i could hardly breathe.. few weeks after I was still feeling to tight and feeling it pulling and stuff with no improvement in my pain around the adductor and pubic bone. when i sneezed for the first time id say i felt this left side patch rip out again .anyway i still felt like both sides of my ball bag was still being strected wide like Simon Marsh discribes in his YouTube video

in fact I saw Simon for a second opinion shortly after the Op in 09 but it was to soon to say and was basically waste of my time and his ..but his 2011 video discribe how he is taking botched mess jobs out at least once a month and doing the full reconstruction.. Which I only saw last week.. this tightness I felt below the 2 massive scars was unreal.. It was affecting my chopper when it was hard and while having intercourse for probly the second time after the op I felt a tear down the side of it and acrosd the top which caused some kind of bleed which coverd my intire groin and perineum. Having had the Op private the NHS didn't want to know really.and just left me in a bed for day's promising me an ultra sound or mri after a week with no investigation what so ever I got up and left the hospital.from that day till this I feel so messed up down there and still fighting to try and get myself up and running but I keep getting this break down of Gilmore groin symptoms and now my left hip joint don't move propa.. has anyone else experienced such situations?

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