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RE: Women runs 520 miles on treadmill in 7 days but doesn't get WR as Guinness says her witness doesn't count

Runner 2435 wrote:

Without evidence there is no proof and therefor no record. It could not be clearer.

Amy can claim whatever she wants but since she can't prove it, nobody except her small group of friends will believe it.

Agreed. The original issue that she claimed was that the GWR were being unjust in not awarding her the WR. Investigations quickly showed that Amy and her support crew had not met the most basic verification requirements of a WR attempt and therefore, there was no injustice and GWR were correct to reject her claim.

The analysis of the available videos has shown, as suspected, that she failed short of the required mileage in the videos. It would be great if Millet Sports could release all the videos they have. This would allow interested parties to quickly clarify whether Amy was able to make up those lost miles by adding in a few fast 5k / 10k runs during the attempt.

In relation to the claims made that she was running a 350 mile training week in the lead up to the event. I can honestly say that I have never and I mean NEVER, heard of any ultra runner who trains up to 350 miles in a week. The load on the body would far exceed the body's ability to recover and refuel. I have no doubt that she would be physically and mentally broken by such a training volume. I can only think of a small handful of runners globally who *might* be able to cope with a similar load. These athletes are of a very good calibre and have been running multi-day ultra events for years. Even then, it would be a tall ask for them and due to the very high chance of injury, would never attempt such a crazy week for training.

In relation to the 53 in 53...given the anecdotal evidence I have received I would need to see hard evidence / Strava, Garmin Connect, Map my Run data. Without that, I could say with any degree of confidence is that she ran 53 long runs of varied distance on 53 consecutive days.

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