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Nik Bidoh
RE: Women runs 520 miles on treadmill in 7 days but doesn't get WR as Guinness says her witness doesn't count

Scam_Watcheroo wrote:

I've updated the JustPasteIt with the 473.6 mile lower bound calculation for what the video analysis shows Amy Hughes' could have done just so that people don't think that the 495.3 miles as the only number I think is realistic:

In summary, based on the detailed video analysis, I believe Amy Hughes’ and Dave Keighley’s claim that Amy Hughes covered 520 miles over 7 days on a treadmill is false and that she did not break the world record even if we ignore all the other problems with their attempt. The detailed video analysis suggests that Amy Hughes’ true mileage is around 495.3 miles in the best case scenario and 473.6 miles as a lower bound, both of which have a significant amount of beneficial assumptions built in. This is pending verification that there are no other activities indicating cheating from the live stream videos that neither of them are willing to provide.

Also, if you read Amy Hughes' blog article on her treadmill run, we see her claim: "Where this drive came from I’ll never know but I started cracking up the speed for a few solid hours and somehow smashed out a chunk 9k hours!"

9 k ~ 5.59 mph

I do not at all believe her claim that she ran at about 5.59 mph for several hours into the 5th/6th day of her treadmill run with so much fatigue. None of the analysis of the live stream videos supports that she is capable of this or even did it.[/quote]
You're forgetting that Amy was doing speed work during those 350 mile training weeks.
No doubt that helped her drop the hammer when the necessity arose.

Not only is she pretty but she trains smart.
Dont be a jealous hater.

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