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I'd like to give her credit
RE: Women runs 520 miles on treadmill in 7 days but doesn't get WR as Guinness says her witness doesn't count
What a shame they don't just provide all 168hrs of footage from the LiveStream available.

If Amy were to walk at 4mph for 19hrs per day she'd be covering 76 miles per day which would be 532 for the week.

Within the found video, we can see periods where she does run. If she did 3hrs at 6-7mph she could do her daily mileage in around 17hrs per day (6-7miles x 3hr=20miles, 4miles x 14hr = 56). Let's also note that treadmills are easier to run/walk on than normal exercise due to the lack of wind resistance.

If all the footage could be found and married up with Dave's running logs, I'd honestly be impressed if she managed 16-20hrs on that treadmill for seven days in a row. Hanging on the bars or otherwise. World record or not. Calibrated or not.

To me the sad thing here is that I believe there really is a lot of effort going into her stunt running. Even if her 53 marathons in 53 days is short on some of the days, what she did manage would still impress people outside of the running community and many within. People would have a lot more respect, sympathy and support if she just admitted that on some days it became too much. Eddie Izzard didn't manage his 50 in 50 but no-one cares, it was the act of trying that impressed everyone.

But instead of focusing on what she did achieve and continuing to raise funds for her charity she's got into a battle with the media, LetsRunners, ultrarunners and GWR. It's like the little kid who spends more time arguing about whether they're going to do their homework than the time it would take to actually do it. No-one's giving into them so it just becomes an unnecessarily protracted battle which leaves a bad taste.

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