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RE: Down goes Bekele
You heard it here, folks. The way to stop doping in track is to ELIMINATE track as a sport. Genius!

ways to stop wrote:

[quote]way worse than the russians wrote:

All the Africans are doping you pathetic white cucks. Wake the f*ck up.
Their agents/coaches supply them with it and even if they are just a decent runner they still make a ridiculous amount of money compared to what they make in Africa. All of them cheats, the Bekeles, the Dibabas, etc. etc. etc. etc.
Wake up! Their coaches get coach with HUNDREDS of syringes of Epo with the athletes there in the same hotel/training camp, and NOTHING is done. Sickening how much the IOC and other organizations cuck to them so they dont appear RACIST.... They even let Africans openly cheat because that isn't as bad in their mind as someone calling them RACIST. This has to stop!

I can't think of many ways to stop it but here are a few reasonable courses of action:

1. Make the sport strictly amateur again - remove all prize money and appearance money from races. I think this would basically eliminate the doping issue from Africa and these cockroach coaches and agents would have find another way earn their a living. The sport would get back to its roots.

However it may be while before this happens but these are other things that we as runners can personally try to do:

2. As the sport continues in its current corrupt format, stop following it in ways that give it money. Stop watching championships on TV, stop buying magazines that give coverage to major events. The media coverage of the sport effectively draws in sponsorship money. Tell other people do the same, if they laugh explain to them how they are supporting a system that is just organized crime. Maybe they will think again. If the coverage of the sport plummets the sponsorship money will diminish and the sport will have to change its ways.

3. In contrast, give maximum attention to media coverage of drugs busts, Seppelt documentaries etc. This will encourage more drugs busts to take place. This website is quite good at covering drugs bust busts and this is now the main reason I read these boards.

3. Do not enter any races which invite doping African athletes to run - you are giving part of you entry fee (which the African runners probably do not pay any way) to the race organizers who then give prize money to the dopers. Tell you friends to do the same. Write letters to the race organizers telling them why you are not taking part in their race. The message will hopefully get around and race organizers will take notice.

4. Stop buying running shoes from companies that sponsor doping athletes. Write to the company and tell them why you are no longer buying their shoes. Encourage other runners to do the same.[/quote]

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