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i agree with spencer
RE: How do you classify a hobbyjogger?
i would say there are a few things that makes a hobbyjogger. its like anything in like being categorized, some will have 99% of all traits, some only 75%.

not necessarily in order but i will try to make some put the most prominent ones first.

1) a person who thinks that running 9:30-45 mile pace is something to brag about....this is the main thing here hobby"jogger", jogging is not running, jogging is slow. jogging is shuffling at a pace slightly faster than walking. most fat worthless people cant walk at 10 min a mile pace, so hobby joggers going 9:30 at the fastest makes them feel superior to the majority of americans.

2) a person who only wants to "finish" races, and never sets goals for times.

3) a person who lies to non joggers about their running accomplishments.

4) a person who buys all the trendy bullsh*t they see in runners world.

5) makes excuses when called out about their lying ways

6) worships kara goucher and that dean karnazes, because those are the only "runners" they have ever heard of

7) they love crossfitt and talking about tough mudders, spartan races and color runs

8) terrible form, yet they will claim to others that they are gurus on all things running, also they do the embarrassing middle school finish sprinting passed senior citizens and disabled people

9) they also road bike with all the annoying trendy gear, and show up to bike races all decked out in their gear to take selfies of themselves at the finish line crowd

now to hit some of your points
- i dont think hobbys run only to stay in shape. they are barely in any kinda of shape. they dont run consistently enough. to me hobby joggers run 3 days a week unless they are part of huge running group in a city, then they are surrounded by other 20% body fat hobby joggers and they run 9:45 pace with lots of stops for water breaks.

-agree on the never run workouts. why? cause you have to be in shape to do a workout. if they tried it would kill them and they would never try it again.

-music? nothing wrong with crushing out runs with music. now if you ment they run with music and a speaker on their bicep or shorts then yeah thats hobbyjogger scene to the max.

-this one is interesting...they do go to races for the social aspect and join hobbyjogging groups for this as well. problem is they are super insecure with small d*ck syndrome, so they have a hard time making "friends" and socializing. instead they all kinda stand awkwardly with very little interaction among themselves. they do try to take selfies to show their non jogging "friends" and co-workers that they were "there"

-they say they only want to "finish" because as they are personality wise they are cowards, and cowards hate competing. so they do this because they are out of shape, afraid to train 6 days a week, afraid to make goals and not achieve them. so they jog with no "goal" except to finish. this way they can also make excuses, "well all i was concerned with was finishing, i have waaaay to much going on to train 6 days a week, and im not so ego driven to compete, for me it was about the personal challenge....."

-they run with bad form because like 90% of americans these days they are lazy and never did anything athletic, so muscles are weak and flaccid. also when you run at 9:45 or slower pace your body is flailing about unless you have good form, but really the only time "we" as in non joggers run that slow is during interval sessions when you jog for 45 seconds or so or 200m jog recovery.

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