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RE: Does going sub 20 in the 5k take any degree of talent for a female?
Not an excuse. Just pointing out my strengths and weaknesses so I can get the right kind of advice- and I'm willing to work like hell on all of them provided I get some smart advice to work with. But I can tell you now, during the ages of 20-23 I was running five times a week maybe about 40 weeks per year (so, not super consistently) and I was smoking on and off, every time I put the ciggies down my running times would plummet. Breathing is and always has been my number one limiting factor.

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You are looking for 20 min in 5 k......the 8 miles is your long run. The thing is to run threshold don`t need tempos right now.

My long runs in training right now are currently around 10-11 miles. I ran a half marathon last week (Just for a geg really- didn't train for it/take it seriously obviously because I'm not specifically training for a half the same way I'm aiming for a fast 5k though).

I've tried quite a few training plans in the past which have just led me to plateau, I'm starting to think that my cardio capacity is the main culprit there though. It's always my breathing that limits my ability to push harder In shorter races so I have pretty much been focused on vo2 work as my speed workouts the whole time I've been running. I suppose the fact I smoked for ten years might be to blame there (quit a year ago) so I'm hoping staying smoke free will lead to better aerobic response im the long term/upcoming years.

I don't mind giving your plan a go (70% easy milage 30% threshold intervals)- it sounds pretty solid. I will try this for a couple of months then get back to you.

There was also a sub 20 lady who posted earlier on in the thread who mentioned progression runs starting near M/HM pace leading up to near tempo/race pace. I'm also going to give that a try maybe bi-weekly, sounds like an appealing workout.[/quote]

There is very little difference between 5k and half training. So many people run a half and use the not training specifically excuse.

Smoking actually has performance enhancing benefits so don't use that excuse either. Having a hard time believing you were training productively while smoking for years though.[/quote]

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