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RE: Kamworor talking the same old smack again

calculo wrote:

[quote]Subway Surfers Addiction wrote:Certainly sub 27 maybe even sub 26:50 but not 26:22. You need a bath tub full of EPO to run that sort of time.

no you don't

no name guys such as kemboi/dinkessa have run 26'30 & in kemboi's race against geb his last 600 according to canova was 1'23 !!!

that is 55+ pace for last 600m !!!

clealy pace to 9400m had been too slow, primarily because geb was terrified a guy was on his shoulder & slowed it from ~ 5k waiting for the kick

if that had been hard from gun to tape, that "no name" kemboi wouda run ~ 26'22.5 - 26'25

also, talking Kenyans, tergat in then 26'27wr jogged 5k in ~ 13'17.5 which is 26'35 pace & speeded up every last part of last 5k, going 13'10.35 or 26'20.75 pace, accentuated even more by last 3k of 7'50.0 !!! which is 26'06 pace !!! all with 59.5 last lap

hard from the gun that day in what looks pretty humid conditions considering how sweaty he looked, that was

~ 26'15 - 26'20

also 10k suffers with lot of extra distance run on bends having to lap runners, so 26'22 is weak time

10ks are ruined by infreqiency/poor pacing/lapping guys

i have devised some absolute mathematical tables & nearest line of fit for 26'22 is




26'22 is better than i thought & superior to 1kwr, nearly as good as 2kwr, not far off 3kwr but long way off 800/1500/5k wrs

the wr shoud be nearer 26'10 which kennster shouda got with better pace judgement as laps varied from 64.4 to last one of 57.1

nearest line of fit for that is




as for shorter distances, those are basic times & indicates sprinters are the most talented of all runners & likely "humans" best running distance from evolution is probably 100/200/400[/quote]

Calculo's brain works at 13 neurons/millimeter, using Jack Daniels proton convertor we can assume this means 9561 brain shocks every millisecond

This converts out to...

-0.46 rational thoughts per second!!!

with this kind of brain stem power we can assume WORLD RECORD thought processing times... expect calculo our god to win the next national mathematics contest

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